Credit Reporting Policy

This is the Credit Reporting Policy of Urban Products Pty Limited.

This policy explains how Urban Products Pty Ltd manages credit information, credit eligibility information and other related personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Credit Reporting Privacy Code (the “Credit Reporting Rules”).    

Collection and Use

Urban Products Pty Ltd does not provide consumer credit. It collects limited credit information (as defined in the Privacy Act) about some sole traders, partners, and individuals acting as guarantors, in connection with its provision of commercial credit.

Urban Products Pty Ltd collects:
•    identification information directly from relevant individuals;
•    financial information directly from relevant individuals;
•    credit information about those individuals which is available (with the individuals’ consent) from credit reporting bodies (‘credit eligibility information’); and
•    any credit information or other personal information arising from its management of the relevant commercial credit and guarantee arrangements.

Urban Products Pty Ltd collects and uses credit eligibility information for the following purposes only, in accordance with the Credit Reporting Rules:   
•    to obtain credit information from credit reporting bodies;
•    to assess individuals’ applications for commercial credit;
•    to collect overdue commercial credit payments;
•    to assess whether to accept individuals as guarantors of commercial credit;
•    for directly related internal management purposes.  

Urban Products Pty Ltd collects and uses other credit information and related personal information for the abovementioned purposes, to administer and enforce the relevant arrangements, and to improve its products and services. Urban Products Pty Ltd may also use such information about commercial credit customers to provide them with marketing materials, subject to any required consents and their rights to opt-out of such communications.


Urban Products Pty Ltd may disclose some information covered by this Policy to its agents, service providers, and contractors (including technology providers, call centre services, promotion or marketing service providers, mailing houses and  fulfilment partners), but only to the extent necessary to enable Urban Products Pty Ltd to carry out the purposes for which it collected and is permitted to use the information. Urban Products Pty Ltd imposes contractual obligations on such entities to limit their use of such information to the relevant purposes and keep the information secure.

Urban products Pty Ltd discloses identification information to credit reporting bodies in order to obtain credit information from them. The credit reporting bodies with whom Urban Products Pty Ltd deals are:

Dun & Bradstreet:
For contact details and a copy of their Credit Reporting Policy see: 

Veda Advantage:

For contact details and a copy of their credit reporting details see:

Those credit reporting bodies may include credit information supplied to them by Urban Products Pty Ltd in reports provided to other credit providers for credit assessment purposes. Individuals have a right to request credit reporting bodies not to use their credit information for the purposes of pre-screening of direct marketing by credit providers, and not to use or disclose their credit information where the individuals believe on reasonable grounds that they have been or are likely to be victims of fraud.  


Urban Products Pty Ltd takes all reasonable steps to safeguard the credit information and related other personal information it collects. To protect electronic data from interception or external access it uses secure servers and other appropriate measures. Internal access to electronic data and paper records is limited to appropriate personnel by access policies, physical access restrictions, network structures, passwords, access tracking and other appropriate methods.

Access and Correction

Individuals have rights to access, and rights to require Urban Products Pty Ltd to correct, information covered by this Policy which Urban Products Pty Ltd holds. Individuals who wish to exercise any of these rights may do so by contacting Urban Products Pty Ltd.’s Privacy Officer (details below).


Individuals who have an inquiry or complaint about Urban Products Pty Ltd.’s compliance with the Credit Reporting Rules may contact Canon’s Privacy Officer (details below). Urban Products Pty Ltd.’s Privacy Officer will investigate and respond to any complaints in accordance with the Credit Reporting Rules.

How to contact Urban Products Pty Ltd.’s Privacy Officer:

Privacy Officer
Urban Products Pty Ltd
44 Lonsdale Street,
Melbourne, Vic, 3000
Phone: (03) 9314 1422